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Carole Estrup began her career as a fashion artist where she learned the discipline which enables her to create every day. But her true love has always been painting. She achieved her first successes with ambitious mythological subjects but soon evolved to more personal explorations in portraiture and figure studies. Gradually, as her skills and confidence grew, so did the range and scope of her subjects; wildlife and nature studies, dancers, visual expressions of oriental wisdom, the American West, visionary statements and most recently, a historical world-view. All of these topics are treated with the same exciting, penetrating style and are alive with authentic detail and flowing visual narrative.

Although Carole is largely self-taught, she proudly credits master-sculptor Les Posey and portraiture specialist Marilyn Bendell (of Santa Fe) with refinement of her anatomy, color and complexion skills. Over the years she has blended these early teachings with her own limitless interests to create an unmistakable style of realism, one profoundly romantic in its psychic treatment and powerfully calm because of its rightness with nature. That this style has embraced so many themes confirms Carole's dedication to her studies, the fertility of her imagination and her determination to achieve genuine stature.

Visually, her paintings are tender and violent combinations of context, pigment, even texture, contrasting light and color into the shape and motion of music, dance and ultimately, thought, expressions of her love for all art.

"I knew very clearly, at the age of two, that I wanted to be an artist," she recalls.

Her inquiring mind has made personal experiences work toward that goal. In Panama she broke down native reluctance and taboos to study and paint the colorful, but reclusive Choco and Cuna Indians. The many years she spent in Japan were devoted to study of the Ainu, Oriental mores, legends and religions, and to a growing intimacywith herself. In the United States, on both coasts, critics, galleries and patrons, and such leaders in their fields as Robert Redford, crime writer Ann Rule, comedienne Roseanne Barr, linguist Carobeth Laird and Donald Trump have acknowledged her talents with praise, awards and/or purchases.

Her personal and professional evolution clearly proclaims a unique integration of training, experience and imagination. Years ago, in Southern California, she resolved that quality, rather quantity, would best allow her to follow a creative life.
Carole lives with her husband of 52 years, a writer, in a remote star-powered home and studio in the Southern Sierras.
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"Seven Continents", "Snow Spirits" & "Ages of Women"

Contact Carole
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"Please yourself," Carole's motto reads, "then at least you
are certain someone is pleased."

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A memoir of survival and overcoming
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