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Don't Drop the Load

by H F Jansen Estrup

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A Memoir in Short Stories
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"What I like best is the humanity of the speaker. Narrators often glorify themselves or the people they love and consequently attack those who might have ever hurt them slightly. It seems those authors do not approach their lives from a position of power. But this book is filled with real people with distinctive voices, made human and vulnerable by their standards and faults and are loved all the more for them by the reader. Especially wonderful is the perspective on the world, the philosophies and stories presented with reasoning throughout, as well as the various layers of actual war and the psychology of boy and manhood ... the raw, relateable, vivid voice that is found inside ... the project is quite necessary and brilliant, and I hope it will come under the gaze of many a person interested at all in our world's history or the intelligent wisdom of one who has lived."
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"The person who does not read has no advantage over one who cannot read." Mark Twain

"If there are no books there is no civilization" - Thomas Cahill

$6.00 USD ebook Try or Buy

$6.00 USD ebook Try or Buy

by H F Jansen Estrup

Tantalus hatched his vengeful plot
And the other gods leapt back in horror -
For Tiwz recalled his father's glut,
Foreswore his sons would rue that gore.

But Tantalus hated Tiwz a lot,
More than he loved his son -
So he cooked the boy up in a pot
And fed him at dinner to the holy ones

They sniffed the scheme out 'fore they ate,
Queen Hera laughed - she knew that breed -
But Tiwz decreed a thund'rin' fate
For Tantalus and all his seed.

So all we humans, forever, ever
Are proscribed from learning how we taste.
Small wonder that we kill so clever,
And let the game meat rot and waste!

The Curse of Zeus is hard to bear,
He slew his own dad, vile old Kronus,
Then raped his sisters, smiled and dared
Someone to say No, no, not us!

He condemned his children to murder and war
Then changed his name to Ares and Thor,
'Though sometimes he liked to be Taurus,
And called it all war and love - and fair -

Thus on us all lies an odious onus,
To decide whether gods really own us
And whether or not we still care.

The gods we now worship, one holy Tri-Baalis
Has decreed the essential same things,
That kills in His Name are not serious sins,
Just so we're crass killers, not cannibals ...

Copyright 1997 by H.F. Jansen Estrup

"War always empowers those who have a penchant for violence and access to weapons. War turns the moral order upside down and abolishes all discussions of human rights. War banishes the just and the decent to the margins of society." Chris Hedges
"War is a racket. A racket is best described as something which is not what it seems. Only a small group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the very many."
General Smedley Butler, USMC
Twice awarded the Medal of Honor

We are neither a democracy nor a republic.
Thanks to Andrew Jackson, we have been an empire since before
the War of the Rebellion (1861-1865)

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