Carole Estrup

Organizational Affiliations


National League of American Artists and
         Penwomen, Inc. USA and Panama CZ
Sarasota Art Assn. FL
Longboat Key Art Assn. FL
San Diego Art Inst. CA
Who's Who in California 1990
Art Nominee 1st Amendent Award 1990
Sierra Performing Arts California 2001-


* Artist in Residence
** One Woman Show
Tivoli Gallery, Panama CZ 1963 *
J.W.B. Ctr Gallery, Panama CZ
Teacher of Oils, Panama CZ
Longboat Key Art Gallery, FL
        (5 Awards Incl. best in show)
Bayshore Juried Invitational,
         Bradenton, FL 1966 (Best of Show)
San Diego Art Inst. CA **
Jones Gallery, La Jolla, CA *
Old Town Gallery, San Diego, CA *
California Ballet (Logo) 1967
Masters of the Future Galleries,
         Coronado, CA 1967 * **
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orch.
        (Program cover for Zuben Mehta,
         Director) 1968
Gallery Unlimited, Anaheim, CA *
San Diego Art Inst. 1969 **
        (15 Awards in 3 Year period)
So. Calif. Expo International 1969
Thackeray Gallery, San Diego, CA *
Howard Morseburg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA *
Studio West, San Diego, CA 1974 *
Hagen Gallery, Newport Beach, CA *
Kandas Gallery, Tokyo, JA 1972 *
Tipton-Richard Gallery, San Diego CA 1974 *
A. Huney Gallery, San Diego, CA *
Maintrail Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ &
        Jackson Hole, WY *
Audrey's Gallery, Poway, CA **
Garelicks Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ *
Signature Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ *
San Marcos Invitational, Lake San Marcos, CA
Cowboy Artists of America Invitational 1975
La Costa Gallery, Ca 1975 *
Maulki Museum, Banning, CA
Art Exchange, Berkeley, CA
Art Buffet, Ridgecrest, CA
Private Commissions, 1980-1990
C.U. Gallery, Ridgecrest, CA **
C.L Clark Galleries, Bakersfield, CA **
Peak Skill Publishing, San Diego,
        CA (Book Cover)
Casa Delores Gallery, Carmel, CA 1992 *
Women Artists of the West Membership Show,
        Taos, NM 1993
B&R Art Gallery, Canyon Country, CA 1993
S.R. Brennen Gallery of Fine Arts, Palm Desert
        CA & Scottsdale AZ *
Gottmer-Becht-Aramith Publishers, Bloemendaal,
        Netherlands (Book Cover)
Old Onyx Store, Onyx, CA 1994 *
Curiousity, Mariposa, CA 1995 *
Mystical Fire, Oakhurst, CA 1999

In May, 2007, Carole published her heart breaking, vibrant and inspiring
memoir, BAREFOOT GIRL OUT OF OHIO, A Memoir of Survival and Overcoming,
which is available in chain and independent bookstores everywhere,
or through her website at Estrup Books

Carole, since 1997, has worked exclusively through her internet gallery at

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