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Showroom One
Carole's Gallery One

Barefoot Girl Out of Ohio
a memoir

28x42" "Messengers" (Sold)
24X36" "Friends" (sold)
Rebirth of Africa

34x46" "Rebirth of Africa" (Sold)

"Joanna's Dream"
oil on canvas 28X42"


24x36" "Anabel's Garden" (Sold)


20x28" "I touch the Earth"
(Apache Fancy Dancer) (Sold)


24x36" "Evolution
of the Soul" (Sold)

18x24" "Moon Spirits" (Sold)

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for sale


28x36" "Apache Sunrise Dance" (Sold)

24x36" "Fishing Boy" (Sold)
36x50" "Nureyev" (Sold)

18x25" "Spirit of
the Rain Forest" (sold)

"Even The Angels Have Guns -
Protesting World Violence"
oil on canvas 42X36" (sold)

"The Swan of Tuonela"
oil on canvas 24X36"

Oil 36X48"
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Updated 05Jan2018
My apologies that some of the reproductions do not do justice to my paintings, each of which took months to complete. Copyright 1997-2018 by H F J & Carole Estrup
Please contact me for prices, commissions or permission to use images at
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Onyx CA 93255-0176

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