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Showroom Two
Carole's Gallery Two

Runnin' 'em Down (sold)

"The Prize"
Oil 48X34" (NFS)

24x36" "Aquarium" (Sold)

24X36" "Tristan & Isolde" (Sold)


18x24" "Wood Spirits" (Sold)

36x54" "Owl Woman's Vision" (Sold)

"Woman Chief Calling the Buffalo"


"Remembrance of Things Past"

24X36" "I Clutch My Ideas"

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"Snow Spirits"
20 X 24" Oil

"Changing Woman"
Oils 24X35" (Sold)

"The Secret Garden"
Oil 24X36" (Sold)

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Updated 05Jan2018
My apologies that some of the reproductions do not do justice to my paintings, each of which took months to complete.
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